Foundation Repair Is An Important Part Of Home Maintenance

Are you a home owner? Do you rent an apartment and know the owner of the building? Then you’ll want to be sure that you’re keeping you home well maintained. Foundation repair is something that’s very important to strength and stability of your home. It’s not something you want to ignore or underestimate.

Foundation repair is required when there are cracks in your home’s basement walls or floors. The concrete should not crack, but due to several things, it can happen in some cases. If it does happen, you definitely want to get it looked at.

The best thing to do is to call up a contractor or foundation repair specialist in Winnipeg to help you determine just what happened and what is needed. Make sure you don’t try to tackle this job by yourself as it requires a ton of knowledge and proper equipment. If you ignore these problems in your Winnipeg home’s foundation then you’ll be risking something very dangerous.

Without a proper foundation that stabilizes the house your home may sink or shift and cause cracks in other areas. You do not want this to happen because if it does you’re in for some serious damage and cost. It’s better to get foundation problems fixed before they cause too much damage. Don’t let it sit by the wayside until you’re “ready to get it done.” Don’t delay and get something done about it. Your best bet will be to contact Winnipeg foundation repair experts.

They will come over to your house and inspect the damage. They’ll be able to tell whether or not you need serious repairs or just some minor touch ups. They can quote a price for you and help you determine the best route of action.

As mentioned above, foundation repair in Winnipeg is not something you want to take lightly. If you have the slightest inkling that you require some help please contact a specialist today. You’ll be happy you did!


Techniques that are commonly used in massage therapy Winnipeg

Massage Therapy WinnipegThe term massage is borrowed from French terminology which means “friction produced by kneading.” As such, this therapy often involves manipulating the body through well-structured and light application of pressure. Some areas that are particularly targeted by masseuse experts include the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints which can be manipulated to soothe the entire body and eliminate stress. Therapists may use different parts of their bodies when administering massage though the most common ones are hands, elbows, fingers and the forearm.

Deep Tissue Massage

Its main focus is on muscle tissues, the technique helps in releasing myofascial tendon restrictions by gently releasing chronic knots found around the muscular tissues. Once tension is released a natural harmony would be restored back to the body, apart from offering comfort this technique is also known to help repair damaged cells and heal muscle strains or connective tissue malfunctions. Compared to other relaxation therapies, this procudure is usually applied with more pressure so as to stimulate deep muscles and the tissues surrounding them.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

This is one of the newest therapy techniques commonly used in resorts and spas, it makes use of smooth and heated stones to relieve stiffness and soreness, with an ultimate goal of restoring vitality to aching joints and muscles. It focuses on balancing the body’s “chakra” by making use of warm basalt stones, or cool alluvial stones to unlock trapped energy and vitality while also increasing blood circulation throughout the body.


Reflexology was first introduced into the massage industry by Dr. Fitzgerald way back in 1913, it’s based on primeval oriental massage where reflexes in both the feet and hands are made to correspond with every part or gland within the body. Studies show that this massage therapy helps in improving circulation, detoxification and also stimulates the body to heal itself from injuries and other related minor ailments. When used in combination with physiotherapy it can work wonders.

Swedish Massage

It was first introduced by renowned Swedish psychologist Sir Henri Peter and makes use of five main strokes, including a few other variations that are aimed at achieving a relaxed and healed state. The nice calming pressure and steady strokes characteristic of this massage technique often help in improving blood circulation, easing muscle tension and improving flexibility. Kneading is usually applied in direction of the heart so as to aptly regulate blood circulation towards the intended body parts. Swedish massage is also effective in helping the body remove wastes and toxins.

There are many other techniques we use at Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic during our Winnipeg Massage Therapy sessions that one can consider and they all have their own unique ways of bringing relief to the body, before paying money for massage services first ensure that the therapist is fully qualified.

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The Kidney Foundation of Canada Mission Statement
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a national volunteer organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease.

Supported by the public and responsive to its beneficiaries, the Foundation:

  • Funds research and related clinical education;
  • Provides services for the special needs of individuals living with kidney disease;
  • Advocates for access to high quality health care;
  • Actively promotes awareness of and commitment to organ donation.

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